Looking at the Art of Quilting

August 18, 2022 By admin 0

Quilting is a sewing technique that is rich in both artistry and historical significance. Its beginnings can be traced as far back as the first century and even during the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Over the years, quilts have become more than just functional. It has now become elaborately decorative. Quilts are fashioned into complex designs and patterns, and have even become the subject of certain museum exhibits. Today, there is a variety of types and traditions of quilting, usually depending on its geographical origin or region. The method of quilting indeed carries with it a strong history of artistry. It has even become a great part of a cultural movements and historical traditions.

The beauty of quilts gave way to what is known as wall quilts. It is a great way to display a person’s creative expression through the craft. Wall quilts can improve a one’s home as it provides warm, beauty and comfort with a personal touch. Exotic designs provide a burst of excitement that can lighten up an otherwise dull room. They are also great conversation pieces because they can tell a story about the one who created the quilt. Wall quilts give a very personal and homey feel to a person’s house while at the same time giving it simple but striking beauty.

One way to create beautiful quilts is through appliqué quilting. In French, appliqué literally means “to put on”. Applique quilting is the intricate art of sewing smaller pieces to a larger background to create a complicated effect. It is, in other words, the layering of one fabric over the other. Applique quilting is a great way to express creativity as it allows the quilter to open up a whole new design world though the variety of patterns he can create. Anything can be an inspiration for appliqué quilts. Common objects like photographs and coloring books can contain patterns which can be used for appliqué quilting. The ideas for appliqué quilts are endless. All that the quilter has to do is use his imagination.

A more modern way of expressing creativity through wall quilts is by using technical fusible. Technical fusible is a quilting technique which allows the quilter to transfer a design from a commercial target. It makes it easy to turn any chartered design into a quilt in just a short span of time. Generally speaking it consists of six steps: selecting a design, cutting and interfacing the fabric, preparing the fabric, ironing the design, adding more designs and decorations and binding. Like appliqué quilting, technical fusible also gives room for creativity and design improvement. It is perfect for items that receive wear and tear. A quilter can also create elaborate elegant sets of matching home items through technical fusible. It is very simple as it is easy and fast to do. Indeed a quilter can use his imagination in making the quilt more interesting, imaginative, and artistic.